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2021-10-15 | 2021-10-16

Twilight of the Gods: Greek Cult Places and the Transition to Late Antiquity

Place: Swedish Institute at Athens & Zoom, Mitseon, 9, 117 42 Athens.
Organizers: Athens Greek Religion Seminar & Roman Seminar

Friday 2021-10-15
09:45 11:00 Swedish Institute at Athens & Zoom Keynote Lecture
10:00 11:00 Georgios Deligiannakis, Late Paganism in Greece: A Review and Synthesis of the Evidence
11:30 13:30 Swedish Institute at Athens & Zoom Overarching Themes I
11:30 12:10 Rebecca Sweetman, Polytheism and Christianity on Greek Islands: Strategic or Organic Change
12:10 12:50 Francesco Massa, Mystery Cults in Late Antique Greece: Ritual Evidence and Cultural Memory
12:50 13:30 Katja Sporn, Greek Sacred Caves in a World of Transition
17:00 19:00 Swedish Institute at Athens & Zoom Overarching Themes II
17:00 17:40 Aude Busine, Writing the History of Pagan Temples in the Sixth Century
17:40 18:20 Nadin Burkhardt, Athene with the Cross. Forms of Continuance in Pagan Worship in Late Antique Greece
18:20 19:00 Dylan Rogers, Fons et Origo: Water and the End of Greek Pagan Cult Sites
Saturday 2021-10-16
09:30 11:30 Swedish Institute at Athens & Zoom Regional Studies I
09:30 10:10 Vassilis Evangelidis, Rural Sanctuaries in Macedonia during Late Roman Times
10:10 10:50 Dimitris Grigoropoulos, Persistence, Suppression, Extinction: The Transition to Late Antiquity in the Sanctuaries of Phokis and East Lokris
10:50 11:30 Valentina Di Napoli, The History and Fate of the Sebasteion at Eretria, Euboea
12:00 14:00 Swedish Institute at Athens & Zoom Regional Studies II
12:00 12:40 Stefan Lehmann & Andreas Gutsfeld, The Tenant and the Altis. New Research on Olympia in Late Antiquity
12:40 13:20 Stavros Vlizos, «… εἰς τὴν Λακεδαιμονίων πόλιν, ὅτε ὀνείρατι πειθόμενος τῷ Ἀμυκλαίῳ θεῷ ἐφοίτησεν εὔξασθαι» (Himerios or. 72): The Amyklaion near Sparta in Late Antiquity
13:20 14:00 Nikos Tsivikis, The Fate of the Old Gods in Constantinian Messene (AD 300-365)
14:00 15:00 Swedish Institute at Athens & Zoom Closing Lecture, conference wrap-up
14:00 15:00 Amelia Brown, Twilight of the Gods, Dawn of the Saints? Reconsidering Continuity at Urban and Rural Sacred Sites in Southern Greece

Printed: 2022-05-22
From the web page: Twilight of the Gods