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Please notice that the registration to the website is independent from the registration for a conference, although you can do both simultaneously from the following form, if a new conference has been announced.

If you are already registered in the website, please login first and then register for a conference. You cannot register in the website twice with the same email. If you have forgot your password, click on the link I Forgot my Password and we will help you to create a new one.

There is no announcement for a New Conference.

You can define yourself as Contributor if you wish to participate to a conference as co-organizer, speaker, or by presenting a paper, but only if you wish to upload conference related files to the Server.

You can register for multiple coming conferences, but you can define yourself as contributor only for one coming conference each time.

The administration of the site must first confer you rights to upload files for a conference.

Please complete all fields that are marked with asterisk. Please, do not use capitals, except for the first letter of a sentense or name.

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The password must contain from 8 to 32 characters. You can use Greek or Latin alphabet, numerals and the hyphen symbol (-), without spaces. You can Also write a phrase by separating the words with one hyphen (AAA-BBB-CCC).

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