FAQ Subjects

This is a demonstration of the Application FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), which is a separate system that can be integrated with any design of the site and contain the following functions:

  1. You can define multiple Subjects or Themes.
  2. For every Subject you can define multiple pares of Questions and Answers.
  3. The Visitor selects a Subject from the Navigation Menu and can read the questions and answers that open in an Accordion Menu.
  4. In every answer, you can include:
    • multiple images that appear on the right of the text, the one under the other, with a common description,
    • alternatively, you can include one multimedia file (mp3, mp4 or a link to YouTube) which will open optionally on the Top, Right or Left side of the text,
    • multiple files (PDF, WORD, EXCEL) that can be downloaded by the visitor.

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