Twilight of the Gods: Greek Cult Places and the Transition to Late Antiquity

Conference Paper

Overarching Themes I
Friday 2021-10-15
11:30 | 13:30
Place: Swedish Institute at Athens & Zoom

Mystery Cults in Late Antique Greece: Ritual Evidence and Cultural Memory

Francesco Massa, 2021-10-15, Time: 12:10 - 12:50


The paper aims to examine the presence of mystery cults in Late Antique Greece during the second half of the fourth century. It will also seek to assess our knowledge of the actual practices and rituals of mystery cults in a period typically seen as defined by the process of Christianization. First, I will propose some methodological remarks on the study of mystery cults in Late Antiquity. Then, I will focus on the sanctuary of Eleusis, through the account of its destruction made by Eunapius of Sardis. Finally, I will analyze the sources attesting a ritual activity in continental Greece, as Lerna and Egina.

About the Author(s)

University of Fribourg

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